The pain and resilience of Kharkiv residents

Published: Jun 4, 2024 Reading time: 2 minutes
The pain and resilience of Kharkiv residents
© Foto: Alberto Lores

A printing house, a hardware store, and ordinary residential buildings have been destroyed by Russian rockets. Kharkiv is experiencing bloody terror every day, but the last few weeks have been particularly difficult for the city and the oblast. The air raid alert has hardly subsided. Dozens of civilians have been killed and over a hundred wounded. People are being evacuated from the border towns and villages that Russia is wiping off the map. Our team worked at a transit point where the residents were gathered to be helped with journeys to safer places. We continue to help repair homes damaged by shelling. People are staying at home despite the daily threat. The pain and resilience of Kharkiv residents are captured in a report by Alberto Lores.

Another attack on a residential building in Kharkiv. A wounded woman receives first aid in the street.  

Rescuers and police are helping people evacuate their damaged homes.

The aftermath of the Russian attack on the printing house. The missile attack killed seven employees who were working at the equipment.

The company printed children's literature, manuals, and textbooks. Russia's strike destroyed 50,000 books.

Employees of the printing house leave the workshop, which was hit by at least three rockets.

An ambulance rescues the woman from the border area of the Kharkiv Oblast, where Russia launched an offensive.

A centre where evacuees can receive humanitarian aid.

Despite all the gloom, people are trying to hold on and live normal lives. The ceremony's hostess asks the girl who brought the wedding rings to the newlyweds to be quicker.

Guests congratulate another newly formed family near one of Kharkiv's registry offices.

Women play dominoes in one of the most destroyed areas of the city, Northern Saltivka.

Many buildings in North Saltivka were severely damaged or destroyed in the first months of the full-scale invasion.

At People in Need, we continue to provide comprehensive assistance to residents of Kharkiv Oblast. We distributed drinking water and hygiene products at the transit point where people evacuated from the border with Russia assembled. Repairs to the housing damaged by shelling are ongoing. Our colleagues are registering the victims to receive multi-purpose cash assistance. We also plan to deliver emergency repair kits to one of the communities and restore the water supply in several settlements. We continue to take care of children. We have opened a digital learning center for them in the region. Children and adults can also get free psychological help.

Autor: People in Need

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