We completed repairs to 5 centres for IDPs and 5 Child-friendly Spaces in Lviv oblast

Published: Jul 28, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
We completed repairs to 5 centres for IDPs and 5 Child-friendly Spaces in Lviv oblast
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With the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada, our team has completed repairs to 10 facilities in Lviv oblast, currently being used for the needs of people affected by the war. New electricity, water and gas lines were laid, toilets were redesigned entirely, new shower cabins were installed, and the living quarters were redecorated. The newly opened Child-friendly Spaces (CFS) have also been modernised. The renovation project was implemented in Stebnyk, Drohobych, Zolochiv, Novyi Rozdil, and Stryi.

The dormitory of Stryy Higher Vocational School No. 35 has been a centre of compact living almost from the first days of the invasion. Currently, 54 people live here, including Liudmyla Kurylo. At the beginning of March 2022, she, her husband and her son left for the safer Lviv region. Her son was given the opportunity to study at a European university, while his parents decided to stay in their homeland.

"We feel good in Ukraine. We feel good here, in this dormitory. I can't say that we felt bad before the renovation. We are all in the same circumstances and in the same trouble. However, now we are not waiting in line for a frying pan or a dining table; we are comfortable on our new beds and have space to store things in our new wardrobes," says Liudmyla Kurylo.
"At the moment, thanks to you, we have everything [we need for a comfortable stay], and we have 100 more free places for new settlers. We are ready for any emergency situation," said Iryna Kyseliova, Deputy Director of the Stryi Higher Vocational School.

As part of the same project, we continue to develop a network of CFSs. Thus, in 5 spaces near the renovated centres, were carried out repairs, updated equipment for children's activities and repaired sanitary rooms.

Twenty-year-old Daniil Yarmak is a facilitator of the CFS in Novyy Rozdil. He and his parents moved here from Donetsk oblast in May last year. Now a resident of Kramatorsk, he is creating a fairy tale for children who come to the space to find friends, learn something new or do their homework. Daniil says that working with children is perhaps the only way to distract him from sad thoughts.

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