Resilience Amidst Ruin: The Unbreakable Spirit of Kharkiv

Published: Apr 16, 2024 Reading time: 2 minutes
Resilience Amidst Ruin: The Unbreakable Spirit of Kharkiv
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Unbreakable is the word that best describes Kharkiv. The second largest city in Ukraine, it is under Russian shelling almost every day. Aerial bombs, missiles, and drones destroy infrastructure, destroy residential buildings, and kill civilians. The city and the region have implemented emergency blackout schedules. But despite the daily terror, residents are not leaving Kharkiv. With the support of the European Union, we stand with these resilient and courageous people.

Larysa Shtonda, 59, lives with her husband in the long-suffering Saltivka District. This district was heavily damaged at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Explosions blew out all the windows in the couple's apartment. Layrsa and her husband left for a while but returned.

With funds from the European Union, we replaced all the damaged windows in their apartment. In March, Larysa applied to us at People in Need for support, and the following month we, we delivered for her. For pensioners, who spend most of their benefits on food and medicine, this is a very significant help.

The remains of old window frames in the entrance. After shelling, people cover the windows with plywood and film and live in such conditions because they do not have the savings to replace the windows.

Dmytro, 45, also lives in Saltivka District. The apartment lived with his family was destroyed in 2022.

A bomb hit the wall of the apartment building where Dmytro now lives. The explosions blew out the windows. We have already helped to replace them. 

In the Solonytsivka community of Kharkiv Oblast, we are repairing a shelter at Lyceum No. 3 as part of the ECHO Education project.

There is an inclusive resource centre for children with special educational needs. Unlike their peers who study online, the children come to classes at the lyceum. Therefore, a reliable and comfortable shelter is our top priority. 

In the village of Cherkaska Lozova, we are repairing the roofs of three apartment buildings. They were heavily damaged by shrapnel during the shelling.

The roofs of two buildings have already been completed. In a few weeks, the third facility will be ready.

Repairs slow down during power outages. But our contractors have generators to power up their tools.

Most of the residents have already returned home and hope for a peaceful life.

As part of this project funded by the European Union, we have selected 3,659 families in Kharkiv Oblast whose homes need light and medium repairs. 1386 repairs have already been completed.

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